Student & Parent Coaching

Student Coaching

Students with all types of brains are facing challenges in today's world of distractibility and immediacy. Life coaching at a young age, can be a very effective manner in which students can learn to develop the habits they will need to succeed in school and in the world.

JOY CO provides student coaching services for students of all ages, from elementary age through college. Particularly, students rising to high school or college level, are in need of developing proactive routines and habits in order to be successful with greater rigor and less parental structure.

Student coaching services include:

  • organization
  • study skills coaching
  • memory coaching
  • critical thinking coaching
  • executive functioning coaching
  • college coaching

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is not about "parenting skills." Parent coaching is about receiving coaching, help, and support in parenting your specific child/children, based on how each child's brain works. If your child has ADHD, anxiety, depression, or is oppositional, standard parenting techniques will often not be effective in helping your child develop motivation, and internalized self-discipline.

If conflict at home with your child is a pattern, or your child is in college and living away sometimes and home sometimes, or if you have a child who is a young adult living at home, you can benefit from a parent coach.