Business & Group Coaching

  • Business Workflow Systems
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Staff Training
  • Financial Projections & Budgets
  • Strategic Planning & Meeting Facilitation
  • Group Effectiveness & Team Building

As a business owner or manager, you and your coach will clearly define your goals and vision for your company. You will set a course of action within a time management framework, and you'll have ongoing support from your coach on a frequent basis, in order to ensure goal achievement.

Business Coaching Program

  • Initial full session - 90 minutes, to set goals
  • Ongoing full or half sessions - 45 minutes, to develop systems and track progress
  • Frequent support and follow-up contact between sessions

Meeting Facilitation

If your group needs a facilitator for strategic planning purposes, JOY CO offers a full scope of dynamic and creative facilitation services.

Group Effectiveness & Team Building

Groups of any size will benefit from this intensive examination of your group’s goals, time management traits, and behavior triggers. Each group member will come away more self aware. The group as a whole will become equipped to maintain a healthy dynamic and support the vision of the leader. Excellent for project and management teams, small business staffs, family-run businesses, and sales teams.